Future Leaders Program

Together, we have the power to change young lives…

That’s the exciting promise of the Future Leaders Program, a caring partnership of local business leaders, education professionals and The Matworks.

A Unique Work-Study Concept

Through this innovative initiative, deserving youngsters are enrolled in Cristo Rey, whose network of 33 private high schools serve many of the nation’s most needy communities. Students participate in a customized work-study program, which not only offers a superior college-prep education, but also provides invaluable exposure to real world, business and corporate environments and the career op-portunities they represent for the future. That, of course, is where you come in.

Your Business Leads The Way

The formula’s simple:

• Five students will be selected to work in your place of business.

• Each student will be assigned one specific work day each week on a rotating basis.

• The other four days he or she will carry a full academic workload at Cristo Rey.

Benefits All Around

  • In exchange for providing this critically important opportunity, your business receives the student labor. Students are not your employees, so there’s no payroll, taxes, insurance or other HR costs or requirements.

  • The Matworks pays the full scholarship cost for your student workers who gain invaluable professional experience along with a great college-bound education.

  • You may also be surprised at the positive influence these reliable, enthusiastic young people have on coworkers as they become part of your team.

  • Moreover, your participation creates a source of quality summer employees and interns as well as a potential pipeline of future college graduates to your business.

  • Perhaps most important, you gain the immeasurable rewards that come with knowing you’re making a positive impact on the lives of youngsters, their families and the communities where they live.

Business, Education, Community Service… a Winning Partnership

Together, we can help kids break the cycle of poverty that, left unchecked, is all too often an impass-able barrier to personal growth, learning, social and economic success.

Please join us in this effort, we’ll be happy to discuss the next steps with you.

Learn how you can put the Future Leaders Program into practice for your business. Get started by submitting the form below.

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