We’ll make your first impression 
a lasting one

TEC provides data-driven, quality-assured janitorial, commercial cleaning and floor care services 
that improve safety, boost customer satisfaction and help build your brand


We’re cleaning stores better through data-driven intelligence and a service team dedicated exclusively to your account

TEC Services is turning detailed, accurate performance data into actionable reporting to help keep your facility cleaner, lower your stress and provide a more consistent, altogether better level of service. Day in and day out.

Why the way we work for you, works better

Simple: Not only are our services reliable and customizable to your exact requirements, they’re supervised and monitored by an account team that’s dedicated exclusively to you. Moreover, they’re guided by Clearpoint™, the industry’s most advanced technology, which makes performance measureable to an extraordinary degree. You see exactly where you stand. No guesswork, no blind sides. Detailed reports make it possible for you to improve control of your store or facility’s environment, plan more effectively, refine processes and maintain peak productivity.

TEC Services’ Clearpoint™ technology is the the industry’s most advanced,
which makes performance measureable to an extraordinary degree

We turn data into doing for you

Our Clearpoint™ App takes in huge amounts of data and converts it to actionable information. There’s no fluff. This is practical intelligence that lets you see trouble spots, correct potential issues in advance, scale services up or down, adjust and adapt to virtually any situation that might impact the way your customers see you or how your business operates.

A dedicated account team = unmatched service

Your services are managed through a single dedicated account team comprised of an experienced Account Director and staff of Quality Assurance Managers. This team is focused 100% on your business and yours alone, not a diverse territory. What does that mean? It means we establish and maintain a true, first-hand working relationship with your management at all levels. We’re not a voice on the phone, we’re a reliable presence. In fact, our goal is to have your dedicated team conduct a quality assurance walkthrough at every one of your locations, every week, or every two weeks at minimum. You can count on it.

We Let Results Be Our Guide

Utilizing our iPhone and iPad rapid field data collection and submission processes, you’ll have access to detailed reporting that will provide valuable insights into productivity, service quality and compliance. By monitoring how both individual service personnel and your entire account team perform their assigned tasks, we (and you) will quickly uncover patterns and correlations that reveal opportunities for continuous quality and service improvements.


You’ve heard of a three-legged stool?

Sturdy, right? Like that stool, TEC also has a solid foundation,
built not on legs but on three unshakable principles.


We’re an open book. Literally. We freely share every aspect of any and all ongoing TEC service operations, paring and comparing detailed plans with in-depth, actionable reporting and analysis.


We deliver the services and attention we promise. And if we should ever fail to deliver, you don’t pay. With nearly 50 years experience under our belt, we create value in our relationships by focusing on exemplary service delivery, not by increasing our margins at the expense of performance.


Each account’s services are supervised by a single, dedicated Account Director assisted by Quality Assurance Associates in the field. This team is 100% focused on only one account, not a territory. Unique to our industry, this dedicated approach is key to establishing and maintaining the trusting relationships with client management at all levels that are a TEC benchmark.

Come grow with us

Launched little more than six years ago with just a handful of accounts on the East Coast, we’re now providing nightly services to businesses nationwide, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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TEC Services is using the power of data-driven technology and personalized account management to redefine janitorial and commercial cleaning services. See for yourself.