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We turn chaos into quiet through data-driven intelligence and a service team dedicated exclusively to your account.



Different. Better. Here’s why.

Far more than conventional cleaning suppliers or contractors, TEC’s janitorial and cleaning services reflect a corporate culture, core values, and business philosophy that are unique to the industry. Our name tells you what we’re all about…


We’re an open book. Literally. We freely share every aspect of any and all ongoing TEC service operations, including detailed plans with in-depth, reporting and analysis.


We deliver the services and attention we promise. And, if we should ever fail to deliver, you don’t pay. We create value in our relationships with exemplary service delivery, not by increasing our margins at the expense of performance.


Your account services are supervised by a single, dedicated account team who are 100% focused on your account only. A TEC benchmark and unique to our industry, this dedicated approach is key to establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with client management at every level.


TEC means, unmatched reliability, quality assurance and accountability. All contributing to added safety, productivity and operational control as the “noise” at your warehouse fades to a reassuring level of quiet. It also means a healthy boost in cost-effectiveness, scheduling efficiency, management and employee satisfaction levels.

Creating Safer, Cleaner, More Productive Environments

Building on a half-century-long tradition of innovation, quality and dedicated, personalized attention, TEC provides super-reliable, technology-driven, sustainable cleaning services customized to the specific needs of warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing, production and other industrial work sites.

Meeting and Exceeding Industry Standards

We know full well that safety in industrial environments is a primary concern. And our programs address that concern head-on, utilizing cleaning, maintenance and remediation protocols that help you meet or exceed applicable OSHA and other official standards for employee, production or product safety. Moreover, we work directly with leading chemical
manufacturers to provide cleaning solutions that are efficient, green and sustainable when used in heavily trafficked industrial settings.

Customized Service Schedules

Disruptions to your normal operations are unacceptable to you and to us, which is why we work with you to create cleaning schedules customized to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, day or night, in the most efficient, practical and convenient manner possible. You can count on it.

Lightening Your Budgetary Load

We’re also acutely aware of the escalating cost of cleaning services to warehouse and other industrial site operations and have designed our programs, processes and procedures to help keep costs in check while at the same time adding value and return on your investment. Predictability is a big factor. You know exactly when your services are performed, what the results are, and where proactive attention may be required. Nothing falls through the cracks. No guesswork. No budget breakdowns. The appearance, cleanliness and useful life of your facility assets are preserved and prolonged, reducing costly downtime, manpower needs, and repair and replacement expenses.

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TEC Services is using the power of data-driven technology and personalized account management to redefine janitorial and commercial cleaning services. See for yourself.