Clearpoint Technology
It’s about time. And Money. Yours.

We developed and implemented Clearpoint technology in our janitorial and commercial cleaning service operations because it provides actionable, real world, real-time intelligence, vastly improves efficiency (yours and ours), reduces operating expenses and drives improved productivity, all leading to bottom line growth.


Seeing Is Believing

Increase Productivity

Clearpoint mobile forms allow us to collect real-time field data that is sent to our shared cloud server.

Increase Service Quality

Automated cloud cataloging pushes data reporting to you and your TEC account team providing one-to-one or one-to-many communications.

Uncover Business Insights

We turn detailed performance analytics into actionable reporting that keeps your place of business cleaner, lowers noise and stress, and delivers a more consistent and altogether better level of service.


The TEC-Direct™ Mobile App

Now, get QUIET on demand.

Sometimes, stuff just happens. Your quiet day suddenly goes off the rails and you need help. Not tomorrow, but right now. That’s why we created TEC-Direct™. It’s a mobile application that gives our customers the ability to request service, solve a problem, or provide feedback… immediately.
Any time a need crops up, pick up your smart phone or tablet and connect to the TEC-Direct app. Enter information about your specific situation and click on the QUIET button. Your message will go directly to your Account Service Director and immediately escalated to senior management as required.
This cutting edge tech is our assurance that no request will be buried in an in-box or languish unattended on voice mail. Access is 24/7 and response is guaranteed. Oh yes, we’re the only one that has it and if you’re already a TEC customer, you can download TEC-Direct for free today.

Data Defined

The data we deliver to our customers is rich with information that helps formulate and guide important business decisions. It is comprehensive. It is measurable. It is reliable. And when acted upon, it is extremely valuable.

Service Quality Report

You’ll see exactly how our performance rates, week-by-week over a 12-month period. Trends are clearly evident and if there’s ever a shortfall we’re able to take immediate action to make certain our continuous quality assurance program more than lives up to its name.

Account Manager Visitation Report

Your dedicated account manager’s goal is to visit every week, inspect all aspects of our work, record his or her findings and initiate corrective actions where necessary. Detailed reports, accompanied by photographic documentation, provide inspection guidelines, observations, evaluations and steps taken.

Facility Summary Report

We’re completely transparent. We want you to know exactly what’s happened in your facility, when we visited, what we’ve done, when we did it, and where opportunities for improvement may be. This detailed report is issued weekly and provides a graphic overview of our service quality and performance, complete with pertinent comments and action plans.


Get Our Facility Management Case Study

TEC Services is using the power of data-driven technology and personalized account management to redefine janitorial and commercial cleaning services. See for yourself.